TI-Boy CE GBC Preview

Hey all! I’ve been slowly but surely working on Game Boy Color support, and I’m approaching completion of all the features needed to run games.

There are a few remaining issues that I’ll save for after the next release, including:

  • Lack of support for mid-frame palette changes (used by some games to display more than 56 colors at a time)
  • Poor performance in some games (though I’ll try to work on anything that’s easy to fix)
  • Storage space limitations (most 4MB ROMs are not usable simply because they don’t fit in storage)

My plan moving forward is to try out as many games as I can, and address any remaining stability issues. Hopefully, I can make a release in the near future.

In the meantime, Adriweb has recorded a video showcasing the opening cutscene of Pokemon Crystal in the emulator! Watch here:

I’ve also recorded some direct gameplay footage of Metal Gear Solid: Ghost Babel using CEmu:

Metal Gear Solid gameplay