TI-Boy CE Preview #1 (Metroid II)

Hey guys, I’m back again working on another iteration of TI-Boy, this time for the TI-84+ CE.

(Game Boy Color exclusive games will NOT be supported for the first release; the Game Boy game in this video is auto-colorized in the same style as it would be when played on a GBC.)

This is still a work in progress, and might not be fully ready to release for a while yet. There are still a number of emulation features to add, as well as user interface improvement (which should be far better than previous TI-Boy iterations). And yes, this video is taken at 60FPS. The emulator manages to run fullspeed in many games now, or fullspeed with frameskip for other games. How, you may ask? For the technically minded, read on!

The increased amount of RAM and address space in the TI-84+CE makes it possible to dynamically recompile code, much along the lines of emulators for more modern systems. This grants a significant performance boost, which also allows room for more accuracy in emulation (especially with regard to timing). In addition, the extra RAM allows caching graphics data in a friendly format for extremely fast rendering, taking advantage of the color paletting abilities of the LCD.

Metroid II is owned by Nintendo, and used for demonstrative purposes only.