Alpha v0.1.2 Released

Here’s another release of TI-Boy CE, which mainly has UI improvements and bug fixes. In addition to a restructured ROM list and save state hotkeys, there are various compatibility and performance improvements.

You can download the release from GitHub.



  • Save file converter between binary and AppVar formats.
  • A launcher icon and description for shells such as Cesium.
  • Overlay messages for state saving and loading (can be disabled).
  • Hotkeys for quickly selecting the current state slot and saving or loading states.


  • Updated ROM list, now integrated into the emulator menu system and sorted alphabetically by title.
  • Refactored LCD mode switching and error handling, for smoother transitions between screens.
  • Cleaned up the skin image, thanks ndye!


  • Fix some cycle counting glitches related to serial port hardware.
  • Only trigger a STAT interrupt on LYC write if the value changes. Fixed a graphical glitch in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters.
  • For RETI, count cycles before attempting to schedule an interrupt. Fixed a graphical glitch in Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters.
  • Load the ROM again from the beginning after archiving a file. Fixed a game title display glitch if a Garbage Collect occurred.
  • Use an asm_data_ptr to track the ROM title. Fixed a game title display glitch if the metadata file is unarchived.
  • Refactor JIT flushing logic; force a flush after two cache flushes. Fixed a continuous performance drop in certain scenarios.
  • Schedule the initial event one cycle after the loaded state. Prevents state save/load from triggering the same event twice.