Alpha v0.1.1 Released

Here’s a new release of TI-Boy CE, which mainly has bug fixes. It’s recommended to update ASAP because it fixes a crash that could potentially affect any game.

You can download the release from GitHub.



  • Support for loading ROMs up to 4MB, increased from 2MB.
  • Key names for TI-83 Premium CE in the control options.


  • Display the paletted white-equivalent color when the Game Boy screen is off, rather than pure white.
  • Rearrange the emulator menu and reset the main menu option after (re)starting a game.
  • Output ROM converter errors to the standard error stream.


  • Fix sprites not displaying when an OAM DMA transfer is initiated mid-frame.
  • Check for the RET instruction returning to a different ROM bank than its corresponding CALL. Fixes some crashes in specific games (e.g. Street Fighter II).
  • Prevent a JIT overflow from overwriting the code path to the flush handler when decoding a banked CALL. Fixes some erratic crashes.